Many accessories complete your car’s look and feel, but it all starts with the color. When premium seats are combined with our crisp, automotive-quality body finishes that boast best-in-class durability and rich shine, it’s the perfect way to highlight your ride.

Our metallic bodies bring an additional “Wow!” factor, with a multi-coat process for enhanced luster and protection.

DescriptionPart #US MSRP
Beige Front Panel102502402 $179
Beige Rear Panel102502302 $361
Blue Front Panel102502408 $167
Blue Rear Panel102502308 $354
Cashmere Front Panel102502418 $189
Cashmere Rear Panel102502318 $402
Glacier White Front Panel102502401 $167
Glacier White Rear Panel102502301 $344
Green Front Panel102502407 $167
Green Rear Panel102502307 $344
Metallic Black Front Panel102502409 $159
Metallic Black Rear Panel102502309 $344
Metallic Candy Apple Red Front Panel102502405 $175
Metallic Candy Apple Red Rear Panel102502305 $354
Metallic Platinum Front Panel102502416 $178
Metallic Platinum Rear Panel102502316 $379
Metallic Sapphire Front Panel102502415 $158
Metallic Sapphire Rear Panel102502315 $402
Mocha Front Panel102502417 $189
Mocha Rear Panel102502317 $402
Sangria Front Panel102502419 $189
Sangria Rear Panel102502319 $416

Prices exclude shipping, installation and tax.

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