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Powerful. Tenacious. Dominant. The AC (alternating current) drive system truly puts Advanced EV a cut above the rest. Backed by a 350A Toyota Controller and 4kW motor, this is not the golf car of old. Passengers will feel the thrill of pure acceleration from the moment they hit the pedal. The gifts do not stop there either. In addition to acceleration, AC drive brings with it increased torque and climb ability. Tackle a broad range of complicated terrains without worrying your vehicle might not have what it takes. Are you hauling or towing? The power of our AC drive system ensures our AEV lineup can handle rugged work as well. Let the old DC drive systems stay on the golf course, let our AEV lineup take you beyond!


As the old saying goes, ‘Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast’. Advanced EV believes not only that fast is fast, but that faster is better and smoothness does not have to be sacrificed. The AEV lineup is this belief in action. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, the AEV lineup gets you where you’re going faster. The greater speed allows drivers to cover nearly twice the distance as a conventional golf car in the same amount of time. This greater range provides drivers and passengers with greater freedom as they are able to make commutes that would be previously relegated to a car or public transport. The AEV lineup conceals the power of the lightning bolt behind the softness of the cloud.

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Safety isn’t expensive, it is priceless. While our utility cars are used for hauling and towing of all kinds of cargo, at Advanced EV we know that no car will ever transport anything more precious than its passengers. Safety features are not upgrades, but standard features on every car in the AEV lineup. Each car comes with headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, a horn, and seatbelts on every row. Our units that feature rear facing backseats include added safety bars as well. From end to end, the AEV lineup ensure a secure and comfortable experience for its passengers.


We put Trojan Batteries into every one of our cars to ensure a quality battery pack that provides not just good runtime on a single charge, but longevity through the years as well. Additionally, our Pro Charging Systems chargers provide a quick and complete charge every time. Regenerative braking is standard on all Advanced EVs and allows our vehicles to re-capture energy during the braking process that would previously be wasted and released as heat. By capturing this energy and funneling it back to the battery pack, Regenerative braking allows you to get the absolute most out of every charge.


Whether you’re going to the clubhouse, the grocery store, or a friend’s place, chances are you’ll have to navigate public roads. The stock features on our AEV lineup already meet the requirements for a street legal golf car, or low speed vehicle (LSV), in many jurisdictions. Any additional features required to meet state or city requirements are simple additions to any car in our lineup. Such additions include a solid state windshield, four wheel brakes, reflectors, safety triangle and a plate light. As legislation can vary widely not only from state to state, but also from city to city, it is important to acquaint yourself with your local laws. Not sure what the requirements for a street legal car in your city are? Reach out to us and we will be happy to assist!


Bells? Check. Whistles? Double Check. Every car in our AEV lineup comes standard with the features you need to ensure a comfortable drive. Standard options include:

-State of Charge Meter
-USB Charging Ports
-Headlights and Taillights
-Turn Signals
-Seat Belts
-Side Mirrors

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